Keep checking back for updates as they become available

It's been a busy week

Good morning everyone. It has been a busy week. We will be announcing which hotels will be available at each of the stops we will be making. We will provide suggestions and phone numbers. Please take the responsibility to book yourself a room if you so desire. We have decided that there is too much involved to try and organize a big meet and greet dinner. We want to keep this as easy as possible and get to Ottawa. I am confident that the meet and greets will happen in an informal way, which I look forward to. We are moving forward with all plans and will provide up dates when we can. We will still be Leaving Feb 14 from Gords Truck wash in Red Deer. We have a meeting planned for tomorrow to nail down the plan with traveling across province to province as well as scales. Stay tuned for an update.
We are strong together!