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We are getting very close to launch day

Good morning everyone. We are getting very close to launch day. We have a good core of a couple of hundred trucks traveling the whole trip across the country and expecting that number to grow over the next week. We also have trucks lined up from our Ontario brothers and sisters taking part on to parliament hill. It’s important to spread the word that people can be part of history by joining in the convoy for as much of the trip as they like. That can mean from one city to the next or provincial border to provincial border. We are going to set up a tracking system so people know where we are at any given time. We will also post a time table of where we are expected to be. We are continuing to work on getting an exemption to travel freely. Mark Reynolds is in Regina this week to try and finalize this. Worst cause scenario is we will have to obtain a one time permit which is only $15.00 each way. Pm Trudeau will be in Red Deer on the Feb 14 for the Canada winter games. Let’s get as many trucks as possible to kick us off in Red Deer. Thank you everyone for all the hard work and patience. It is the team work that is going to make our voices heard.